Apanaveda - 200 hour
Certified yoga teacher training course

The course runs over one weekend for 9 months – from September to June each year.

At the end of the training course you will be a certified yoga teacher and qualified to register with any governing organisation.

Apanaveda is registered and affiliated by the Independent Yoga Network.

Apanaveda School of Yoga is based in rural north Essex and covers the whole of East Anglia, London, Herts and Kent.

Significant time is devoted to ‘how to teach’, supporting the professional practices required to make you an extraordinary yoga teacher.

Course leader, Victoria Adamson, is a senior yoga teacher with over 25,000 hours teaching experience. This includes advanced courses in anatomy, yoga philosophy and breathing. With her own in-depth knowledge, Victoria runs this diverse yoga training with some of the most influential teachers specialising in their own fields of expertise – including :

  • Gary Carter (fascial network)
  • Simon Frost (neuromuscular biomechanics)
  • Nicole Hartley (psychology of meditation)
  • Emma Backshall (nutrition, hormones and biome gut health)
  • Bill Wood (Scaravelli)

Contact Victoria Adamson to enquire further or to register for the next course.

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Apanaveda training

This 9 month course nurtures, guides and encourages just a small number of students each year through not only in-depth training but also a personal journey on a physical, mental and spiritual adventure.

We motivate our students to find their true direction of heart-felt teaching in their own unique style. Our students gain a yoga family to practice on, support, laugh with and experience the wonderful world of helping others.

Apanaveda Style of Yoga

Apanaveda Yoga is a slow but strong practice of yoga where the breath initiates and inspires all movement.

Apanaveda classes allow its students to intelligently feel their body moving from the inside. Interoceptive awareness in each posture enables the student to listen to their nervous system and the inner workings of their own body in order to really ‘feel’ yoga without pushing or competing.

Apanaveda embraces the 8-limbed path of yoga ~ therefore bringing the philosophy of yoga off the mat and into life, encouraging compassion and contentment each day in the present moment.

Apanaveda’s philosophy is based on the 8 limbs of Raja yoga to create a yoga class where its participants feel completely comfortable and cared for; that they understand exactly what is happening to the physical body in asanas with confident guidance from a compassionate and knowledgeable teacher.

We believe that with an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, breathing and mindfulness, Apanaveda graduates will be able to teach yoga in a sincere, safe and holistic manner. It is paramount that Apanaveda teachers achieve an in-depth knowledge of both the skeletal and muscular bodies to intellectually accommodate every student with total awareness of individual limitations and the confidence to adjust bodies accordingly.

Apanaveda students will receive Diploma level Pranayama tuition on this course and therefore will be able to teach this to a high standard. Pranayama connects the mind and body and opens up the potential for increased energy and vitality of the practice. Breathing rhythms will then enhance awareness of the subtle vibrations of prana which stabilise the energetic body in preparation for meditation to transcend into deeper levels of consciousness.

Understanding the 8 limbs of Raja yoga, and knowing how each are interrelated and influence each other, will give students the ability to teach in a caring and educational way. The awareness of compassion, contentment, non-judgement and acceptance whilst teaching, is essential, so that the yoga class pupils are at ease with their bodies and can focus their minds on how they feel in class rather than how they look. We feel that students will wholeheartedly embrace the philosophy of yoga and find their dharma to pursue their own creative authentic teaching.

This in turn will give rise to the whole meaning of yoga, “the restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff” (Patanjali), so the steadiness of the mind is essential in creating the quality of practice needed to benefit fully. This is an integral part of Apanaveda’s philosophy, to find purusha, one’s true self, in practice and teaching.

Apanaveda classes include:

* Pranayama practice in every class with breath awareness in postures.

* Postures with complete anatomical understanding and guidance on self-awareness and limitations.

* Mindfulness practice throughout the class with a guided meditation or yoga nidra at the end of each class.

* Yama and niyama awareness and guidance throughout the class.

Apanaveda yoga teachers will teach with:

An individual style inspired by:

* Knowledge and confidence

* Safety and acceptance

* Creativity and sincerity

* Integrity and compassion

This year the course will be held in the beautiful countryside village of Great Bardfield

Yoga Teacher Training Course Certificate Presentation 2017-2018
Yoga Teacher Training Course Essex Herts London
Yoga Teacher Training Course Essex Herts London