Apanaveda 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Apanaveda Yoga Teacher Training Course will be held over a period of 9 months.

This will consist of 192 hours of contact yoga teaching, with extra individual mentoring sessions during and after the course.

Apanaveda TTC is accredited by the Independent Yoga Network and offers insurance for graduates of this course.

Some modules will have specific programmes for home practice to enjoy between the sessions.

This will be an ideal opportunity to enhance learning and knowledge in self-practice.


The Yoga Teacher Training Course 2017-2018

Fully Booked

  • September 2017 – June 2018
  • 9 weekends – Saturday 09.00-18.00 and Sunday 09.00-18.00 (including 1 long weekend)
  • Cost of course : £3000 or £3150 if paid in instalments


The Yoga Teacher Training Course 2018-2019

Only 3 places remaining

  • September 2018 – June 2019
  • 9 weekends – Saturday 09.00-18.00 and Sunday 09.00-18.00 (including 1 long weekend)
  • Cost of course : £3000 or £3150 if paid in instalments


You will be certified as a yoga teacher at the end of 9 months if :

  • All 192 contact hours have been attended *
  • 40-50 hours self practice acknowledged and recorded
  • 1 written exam passed and assessment of practical teaching skills in a class environment

* if you are unable to attend one of the modules, then private sessions can be arranged

Yoga Teacher Training Course Essex Herts London
Apanaveda Victoria Adamson Yoga Teacher Training Essex London Herts

2018-2019 Dates and Schedule

September 8th – 9th  (Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 1)

Saturday 09.00-18.00 – Sunday 09.00-18.00

With Victoria Adamson

Introduction to the course. The timetable of the course, home study practice and reading list. History of yoga. Philosophy and the roots of yoga. 8 limbs of Patanjali. The mind, ego and intellect. The 3 gunas. Pancha kosha. This will be mainly a theoretical weekend but integrated with discussions and some practice of asana and pratyahara. The principles of Apanaveda’s teaching is to find your own path with intuitive and authentic passion and therefore we will be finding ways to develop your own practice in relation to the modules and progressive personal development. This is such an important part of this training course as our teachers will guide you to ‘experience’ what you are learning rather than blindly studying it.

October 6th – 7th  (Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 2)

Saturday 09.00-18.00 – Sunday 09.00-18.00

With Victoria Adamson

Prana and Pranayama. Functional anatomy of respiration and the psychotherapeutic benefits of pranayama. Pancha kosha kriya. Chakras. Nadis. Polarity breathing. Kundalini. Sectional breathing. Sukha, loma, viloma, sukha-purvakha and savitri pranayamas. Mukha Bastrika. Kumbhakas. Bandhas. Kapalabhati. Bhastrika. Nadi Shodhana. Surya Bhedana. Ujjaya. Mudras and mantras. All these will be practiced this weekend, at home between weekends and then applied to asana and dharana in subsequent weekends. The pranayama integration will be progressive and continuous throughout the course so it becomes second nature in personal practice and fundamental in teaching.

November 10th – 11th  (Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 3)

Saturday 09.00-18.00 – Sunday 09.00-18.00

With Victoria Adamson

Anatomy and physiology part 1. Getting to know the skeletal body; its alignment, function and movement of joints in flexion, extension, abduction and adduction; and the rotation on the 3 planes of axis. Key muscles with origin and insertion attachments and their function. The spinal column; each section and its function and articulation. Kinetics – analysis of forces, centre of gravity.

December 7th – 8th (Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 4)

Friday 09.00-18.00 – Saturday 09.00-18.00

With Victoria Adamson and Simon Frost

Anatomy and physiology part 2. Biomechanics. Applying anatomical knowledge to teaching. Skeletal body in postures. Muscles of the body in relation to flexibility and strength. Understanding joint structure, function and articulation in standing (supination and pronation of the ankle; lateral and medial rotation of the hip joint), seated and balancing postures. Kinetics in sun salutations and vinyasas. Adjusting and correcting in a safe and competent way (ahimsa).

January 12th – 13th  (Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 5)

Saturday 09.00-18.00 – Sunday 09.00-18.00

With Victoria Adamson

Teaching skills. Levels of teaching and assessment of students. Equilibrium and balance of class structure.

Correcting and adjusting. Variations of yoga teaching styles and finding your style and heartfelt teaching. Ambience and atmosphere of classes and teaching environments.

Teaching practice, class structure, planning and sequencing. Finding individual style and teaching techniques. Intuition and inner voice awareness to understand how your teaching reflects who you are (satya).

February 9th – 10th (Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 6)

Saturday 09.00-18.00 – Sunday 09.00-18.00

With Victoria Adamson and Nicole Hartley

Meditation and psychology of the mind. Habitual thought patterns and neuroplasticity of the brain.

Present moment awareness and the practice of pranayama and pratyahara and integrating mindfulness into our yoga practice. Yoga Nidra and the alpha state brain – theory and practice. Nicole Hartley will join us for a day to enable students to explore ‘mindfulness of the body’ to find dharma in our own practice and teaching; mindfulness and letting go of the mental chatter (chitta vritti) and emotional blockages; vipassana meditation, to see things how they really are and an introduction to enquiry based (svadhyaya) stress reduction techniques.

March 23rd – 24th  (Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 7)

Saturday 09.00-18.00 – Sunday 09.00-18.00

With Victoria Adamson and Bill Wood

Asana and Pranayama and the bio-energetic quality of yoga. Exploring therapeutic movement and restorative yoga. Core stability and spinal analysis, keeping the core-spine connection whilst mid-chest breathing. Synchronised breathing rhythms with supine, prone and seated postures to feel psycho-therapeutic benefits. Connection to the feet in standing and balancing postures and understanding the mechanics and articulation of the feet and ankle subtalar joints for better stability and mobility. Bill Wood will teach a day of yoga therapy and Scaravelli style yoga to connect the mind and body in a balanced and holistic way.

April 27th – 28th  (Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 8)

Saturday 09.00-18.00 – Sunday 09.00-18.00

With Victoria Adamson and Dan Peppiatt

Exploring creative techniques to nurture your inner teacher with Dan Peppiatt. Dan will take students into a new dimension of inner trust and encourage an exploration to find one’s ‘own path’ for teaching.

An understanding of discipline and responsibility as a teacher, to leave any of your own emotions at the door and teach in a selfless and focused manner with your full attention in your students. Not using teaching time as your practice time. Learning safety in demonstrating postures and practicing clear anatomical explanations. Helpful lists of ways to plan classes and making sure the relation of pranayama, asana and meditation is balanced and appropriate to specific classes. Yoga teaching as a career, marketing classes, websites and insurance. A general talk about what we have learnt on the course and go over any areas we think need revisiting.

June 7th – 9th   (Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 9)

Friday afternoon – Sunday afternoon on retreat

With Victoria Adamson

A retreat in the country to embrace everything we have learnt over the 9 months and to have a relaxed atmosphere for practicing teaching classes. The students will all take a 60 minute class of yoga and a separate 15 minute class of meditation. It will also be a chance to discuss any further questions that arise and to plan future mentoring sessions and CPD days for the following year.