Apanaveda Teacher Training Course is an in-depth course of yoga where science, philosophy and practice of yoga slowly and gently becomes a part of you.

Victoria has a unique way of teaching that empowers her students from the first lesson by bringing freedom to their minds and bodies, releasing them from habitual patterns of thoughts and movements. She teaches without rushing, with enthusiasm, giving herself to the lessons unlimitedly and is a guide to her students during and outside of class hours.

I look forward to each and every class with all my heart, mind and soul.

Iraz Keeling

This is truly inspirational teaching – years of experience and loving kindness coming together to provide a framework in which you can deepen your commitment and develop your own teaching practice.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Apanaveda but I certainly haven’t been disappointed. Vicky is a caring teacher and has put together a course that combines technical knowledge with hands-on guidance. I now have a clearer picture of my own intentions and have the confidence to bring the joy of yoga to a wider audience. Nothing less than a life-changing experience!

Alison Rose

Vicky is a patient, passionate and truly inspiring teacher. Her course covers the many different aspects of yoga and she gives her students the knowledge, confidence and support needed to become safe and effective teachers themselves. It has been an amazing journey and I would thoroughly recommend this course.

Tracey Roberts

After months of searching for the right yoga teacher training course in the UK and abroad for the style of teaching I wanted to follow and not finding what I was looking for I was lucky to attend one of Vicky’s yoga classes and discover that she was just starting up her own teacher training course. Loving her style of teaching, integrity and warmth I decided to sign up to Apanaveda. Being based in Essex I also thought that training in my county would be beneficial for forming a good network of fellow yoga trainees to bounce ideas off throughout my training and also once I am qualified. I could not be happier with the outcome to date.

I am halfway through my training and the level of teaching is above and beyond other courses I looked at. The group of people in my class are wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier bunch of yogis to join me on my journey. Vicky is a fantastic teacher who takes the time to ensure everyone fully understands what is being taught and teaches in a fun and uplifting way to always keep the lessons fun and interactive. She takes onboard feedback and adapts to each persons needs and I consider myself blessed to have found such an inspiring teacher to learn from

Michelle Sheldon